Galenos Members

As repackers, producers and sales-and marketing organizations of pharmaceutical products, our responsibilities to human health weigh very heavily. This philosophy forms the ‘backbone’ of our aim to deliver and produce products meeting the highest pharmaceutical quality standards.
Furthermore, it is applied in such a manner that neither the product itself nor our personnel are compromised in any way. We respect therefore, the highest international standards in all aspects from the start to the finish of the entire production process. Raw materials and packaging materials alike are subjected to strict quality control by fully trained personnel. All production and further quality controls are carried out according to the requirements laid down in the commonly recognized current international standards for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)


All Members of the Galenos Group recognize and respect that Integrity is a core value in all aspects of our professional and personal life. Integrity comprises of fair behavior, honesty, truthfulness and reliability in all matters affecting our day to day business.
These qualities serve as a firm basis whenever ethical decision making is necessary. Therefore, you can rely on all Members of the Galenos Group to respect that:


Since we are actively serving the needs of human healthcare, we need to be mindful at all times to carry out our daily activities in to the best of our abilities. We maintain a quality process WHERE people shape our companies.
Their expertise comes into play to constantly innovate and control. This human approach starts right at the reception or as the case may be the telephone, WHERE visitors are greeted with a smile and a kindly word.
In order to maintain these high standards of professionalism, we will:


All Members bound by this Charter acknowledge that the quality and suitability of our products and services have passed into a proverb over the years and today form the hallmark of our existence. Therefore, we all: